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Shanton Pharma is a biotechnology research organization established in 2016 and is dedicated to providing innovative therapies for addressing significant unmet medical needs. Our team focuses its resources on these important therapeutic areas through the introduction of advanced and innovative drug research and development ideas.

Abnormal purine metabolism causes hyperuricemia. The initial clinical manifestation is asymptomatic hyperuricemia. However, as hyperuricemia continues, crystals are formed in the body to further induce inflammatory responses, which turns from asymptomatic hyperuricemia to gout. Clinically, gout is classified into grades 1-5 according to different degrees of uric acid crystallinity.

The key to treatment of gout is to adjust purine metabolism to restore blood uric acid levels in the body to normal (3-5mg/dL), but first, it is necessary to completely dissolve the crystal tophi that has been formed in the body. The shorter it takes to dissolve the crystal tophi, the more beneficial for patients to reduce the pain of gout attacks. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly reduce blood uric acid to below 3mg/DL in a short period of time, and adjust the blood uric acid level to the normal 3-5mg/DL level after the crystals are completely dissolved.

Existing drugs cannot control the blood uric acid level below 5mg/dL, so they cannot completely eliminate gout by dissolving crystals, nor they can prevent patients with hyperuricemia from turning into gout.

Our team has explored the field of gout diseases for many years and found that SAP-001 is safe and effective. Single administration of SAP-001 can quickly control blood uric acid below 3mg/dL, and further reduce the dose to maintain the uric acid level at a normal level of 3-5mg/dL for a long period of the time where it prevents the crystal from forming again.

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Koji Matsuyama
Dr. Koji Matsuyama is the Founder and President of Shanton Pharma and has been engaged in researching and developing innovative drugs in pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years.

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Address the global clinical unmet needs and completely eliminate gout.

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Focus on our core products to achieve commercialization and bring the innovative
new medicine to the patients and medical community we serve.